Best Uses For Glow In The Dark Gravel

The idea of creating a glow-in-the-dark walkway, or perhaps making the concrete around a swimming pool glow, is not something the fantasy. You can actually purchase sand and aggregate material that naturally glows when it is exposed to sunlight over an extended period of time throughout the day. This is fast becoming one of the more unique ways of adding to the outdoor landscaping of properties. When you are able to walk outside and see your walkway is glowing, it adds a completely different look and feel to everything you have done to make your front and backyard look exceptional. If you would simply like to get access to glow in the dark gravel for a driveway, you can also do that.

Many Uses For Gravel That Glows

Gravel that glows in the dark is actually very easy to access. More companies than ever before are producing this. It is a photoluminescent material, one that can be applied to aggregate material, or it can be naturally found and excavated for sale. When you have an ample supply of this gravel, you can use it for a gravel driveway or walkway. However, more people are using this in the concrete that they pour when they are creating a concrete walkway or driveway. Some will use the gravel which will give it this spotted glowing appearance, whereas others will mix the gravel into the concrete so that the entire thing will glow at night.

How To Find Companies That Sell This Gravel

Locating companies that sell this gravel is relatively easy to accomplish. You may find at least one of these businesses in close proximity to where you live. One of the top businesses, as well as the most expensive, is called AGT. This is a business that has both gravel and sand that glows in the dark, all of which is affordably price. They have different categories for their materials. Some of it is commercial grade. The other is considered ultra grade which means it’s a lot brighter. If you would like to consider using the sand at your property, they also have that. It just depends on what type of a project you would like to embark upon and how you would like your property to look once the sun goes down.

If you cannot find a company that is selling this gravel or sand locally, you may be able to find an AGT distributor that is just a few minutes away. By going to their website, you can look at the different states where they have their businesses. You can send them emails to inquire where they are, and get their exact location. This company realized long ago that having photoluminescent aggregate material would be a top seller in the near future. Today, they are a market leader, and the name Ambient Glow Technology is definitely one that will show up in the search listings. Give one of the local businesses a call today and see if you can set up a delivery for the glow in the dark gravel that you need at your home or place of business.